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Women’s Ministry Without a “Platform,” with Amanda Kassian

Women’s Ministry Without a “Platform,” with Amanda Kassian

"In this social media age, it’s easy to believe the lie that ministry needs to be public—but your home contains all the space needed for your ministry platform. In this episode of Grounded with guest Amanda Kassian, you’ll be inspired to bring the hope of Jesus to your front porch. Don’t just sit on the sidelines: learn how to use your gifts for the glory of God. 0:00 - Countdown 4:56  - Welcome + Introduction 7:18 - Good News (with Portia) 9:56 - Grounded with God's People (with Amanda Kassian) 24:06 - Grounded in God's Word (with Portia) 31:48 - Resources to Stay Grounded & Closing Goodbyes" from the video introduction

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