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Wonderful Works of God - Man's Highest Good

Wonderful Works of God - Man's Highest Good

"The Contemplating Christian contemplates man's highest good. We are starting to go through a systematic theology and will reflect on it." from video introduction

"..The Highest Good

Dutch theologian, Herman Bavinck, appropriately opens his handbook of theology, Our Reasonable Faith, with these words, “God, and God alone, is man’s highest good.”

What is meant by the expression “highest good”? Originally coined in the Latin, summum bonum, it literally means “the supreme good from which all others are derived.” In other words, God is the source and sustainer of all good. He and he alone, as Bavinck notes, is “the abundant fountain of all goods.” Nothing in this universe is able to produce true goodness, unless the Good Creator is its wellspring..." from the article: What Is the Highest Good?

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