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Words of Cheer for Daily Life - Charles H. Spurgeon (Audiobook)

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Video from Aneko Press

Words of Cheer for Daily Life

"~ Audiobook Description ~ Child of God, do not say that the sun is quenched because the cloud has hidden it. No! It is behind there, preparing summer for you, for when it comes out again, it will have made the clouds ready to drop in April showers, all of them mothers of the sweet May flowers. Above all, when your God hides His face, do not say that He has forgotten you. He is only tarrying a little while to make you love Him better. When He comes, you will have joy in the Lord and will rejoice with joy unspeakable (1 Peter 1:8). Waiting exercises our grace. Waiting tests our faith. Therefore, wait in hope, for although the promise tarries, it can never come too late. We never have such close dealings with God as when we are in tribulation. When the barn is full, we can live without God. When the safe is bursting with gold, we somehow can do without as much prayer. But once your gourds have been taken away (Jonah 4), you want your God. Once the idols are cleansed away out of the house, then you must go and honor the Lord. God does not afflict willingly, nor grieve us for nothing, but He does so out of love and affection. He knows that if He leaves us unchastised, we will bring upon ourselves misery ten thousand times greater than we will suffer by His slight rebukes and the gentle blows of His hand. He is admonishing you, not punishing you. He is correcting you in measure, not smiting you in wrath. There is no angry displeasure in His heart. Even though His brow may be ruffled, there is no anger in Him toward you. Even though His eye may have closed upon you, He does not hate you. He still loves you. - Charles H. Spurgeon" from video introduction.

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