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Wrestling to Understand the Bible - Tim Mackie (The Bible Project)

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Wrestling to Understand the Bible - Tim Mackie (The Bible Project)

"Episode 41: Tim Mackie on the Bible: the Wrestle to Understand It, Complexity of Teaching It and Power Within It." from video introduction.

"In this episode Jason dialogues with Tim Mackie, the co-creator of the popular BibleProject Series.

Their conversation dives into one of Mackie’s favourite all-time topics — the scriptures. Mackie unpacks his prior hang-ups about the Bible, ranging from textual variants in manuscripts, the violent, off-putting nature of many of the sacred stories, and the sometimes strange, unsettling, hard-to-understand God portrayed therein.

Scripture is not a tidy, prepackaged encyclopedia of answers freshly stamped with divine approval. According to Mackie, our sacred texts are more of a venue for wrestling with God. Like Jacob in Genesis, we are invited to tangle with our Creator in hopes of leaving the encounter — perhaps with a limp in our step — but also with a burning love in our hearts that renames us and makes us new by constantly pointing us towards the person of Jesus.

The BibleProject and its videos have received hundreds of millions of views all around the world. Much of their conversation revolves around Mackie’s personal journey and how the Bible Project came to fruition, making this interview a must-listen for anyone who has been impacted by their creative and innovative teaching series..." from Show Notes.

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