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You Messed Up…Now What? - Dry Creek Wrangler School

Updated: 4 days ago

You Messed Up…Now What? - Dry Creek Wrangler School

"What do we do when we’ve made a terrible decision in life? Can we come back from it? Is there hope for a better tomorrow?" from video introduction

"Dewayne has been living the horse life for over 30 years, both as a professional and as a private owner. As a husband of 30 years, the father of 7 grown children and "Grumpa" to 5 grandchildren, this aspect of his life and experience cannot be separated from the reality of who he is, and makes its way into the mix as well. As a Christian with a varied and unique history in the ministry, and a sometime law enforcement officer, he also brings these life experiences to the table. It is not the purpose of this channel to present "the" way to do anything, but rather to use simple logic and experience to try to help others who might be looking for answers. It does not always offer direct answers to certain questions, but instead humbly seeks to show a road one might go down to find the answers they need for themselves." from the YOUTUBE Channel

Dewayne has been away dealing with life and death. Now he returns with more observations and words of wisdom.

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