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Your Imagination Redeemed: The Anselm Society

Video from The Anselm Society

Most of us will say we want community yet very few o us actually have in our current American culture. In this video from The Anselm Society we hear about how our imagination as Christians can help us see God's world differently. The Anselm Society is encouraging a renaissance of our Imaginations along with making community. Are you are artist? Art is a part of our Christian life and should be expressed and used to Glorify our Lord.

What can you do in your church and community with your talents to encourage others and honor our creator?

"I thought I was the only one."

The Anselm Society is named after the archbishop of Canterbury (c. 1093) who defined theology as “faith seeking understanding” short, as a work of the imagination; diving deeply into the character of the One we love the most.

We were started in 2013 in Colorado by an ecumenical, intergenerational group of people who believed a renaissance of the Christian imagination was both possible and badly needed. Against the press of a secular age, we believed it was time for an era of the church marked by such a profound vision of the Kingdom of God that believers could not only withstand, but transform the world around them. And we knew this could never happen if Christians' biblical principles were being undercut by secular imaginations, formed by the rhythms and priorities of their age.

We believe for a renaissance of the Christian imagination to occur, the church needs to re-learn how to disciple and work alongside artists. Artists need to re-learn how to be a part of the church, integrating excellence of both craft and faith (whether for sacred or common art). And the laity needs to burn with a desire to, as our founding advisor Christopher Mitchell put it, see the Kingdom with the same enchanted eyes with which they see Narnia and Middle Earth.

This is what the Anselm Society exists to bring about." from

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