Your Lack of Courage is Not Bearing the Cross! - Part 3: Christianity & False Alternatives

Do We Have American Idols?

In our broken sinful world of today we find ourselves in America, at least as Christians choosing false alternatives over faith in Christ. What do I mean by false alternatives, what did Jurgen Moltmann mean in 1974?

“The more student communities become absorbed in political Christianity and liberation struggles, and understand themselves as a part of this movement, the more they surrender the area of personal devotion and existential sensitivity to the meaning of life to political conservatives or unpolitical student mission groups. The tension between identity in faith and solidarity in action can no longer be tolerated by either side. Polarizations come into being which break down this productive Christian tension. Devout students and religious people no longer protest. As a result, they are thought well of by politically conservative forces. Protesting students and people committed to political criticism usually no longer want anything to do with faith and Christian religion.” Page 22

I will stop there for a moment. Moltmann is a keen observer of humanity. Can you see this in our culture today? Christians don’t have time to commit to personal devotions, attending church, helping their neighbor but they can find time for the news, political rallies, etc. You see our excuses wear thin after a while. I am not advocating no involvement in government or politics; our nation sorely needs Christians in public office and in the government. The point Moltmann makes, and I personally concur with is we are today in 2021 pushing aside our Lord and our faith for False Alternatives. Do we even know we are doing this??

The objectivity, compassion, civility and willingness we once had in general as Christians in America seems to me to be gone. We have become just another political faction, an alternative to Atheism or Qanon.

It has been hammered home repeatedly how the church in America has in general terms become shallow in faith and consumer oriented. If you find yourself to be in that category, then I hope you are doing something about it. Life is short and tomorrow may not come.

Tomorrow we will look at the Materialist Illusion in Part 4.

From the book: The Crucified God by Jurgen Moltmann

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