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01-Teach Them Diligently: Covenant - Caleb Hegg

Video from Caleb Hegg

01-Teach Them Diligently: Covenant

"In this video, we start our coming-of-age series by looking at covenants. What is a covenant, why are covenants important for the Bible, and understanding that God is a covenantal God. Who I Am: My name is Caleb Hegg, I am from Tacoma WA. I make videos about theology and living a life of faith from a pronomian (pro-law) perspective. I am also the co-host of Messiah Matters, a weekly show that discusses theology. Beyond this, my wife and I run Growing in Messiah, a website dedicated to helping parents raise godly families. I am also a student at SBTS in the M.Div program. Currently, my wife and I live in Tacoma WA. with our four children." from video introduction


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