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15 Essential Biblical Texts - N.T. Wright

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Video from N.T. Wright Online

15 Essential Biblical Texts

"Bring deeper meaning to everyday life with this biblical study guide curated by Prof. N.T. Wright. Learn more at No matter where we are on our spiritual journey, we all need guidance through life’s challenges. In this engaging video series, we invite you to explore the wisdom found in 15 key Biblical texts you can use to bring deeper meaning to your life. This course is for …Anyone interested in creating a more meaningful life through Biblical wisdom. …Clergy looking for resources or inspiration to enhance their sermons and other work in the church, as well as their personal ongoing spiritual journey. …Religious scholars looking to further their own research and studies or supplement their lectures and lessons. …Fans of N.T. Wright interested in an inside look at the 15 Old and New Testament texts that have meant the most to Professor Wright’s own spiritual development." from video introduction. #extraordinarygod

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