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9 Things That Science Will Never Explain -

Updated: Sep 22

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9 Things That Science Will Never Explain -

"With all our technological advances, won’t science one day answer all of our questions and give us all of our knowledge? Saying God did something doesn’t get us anywhere. That’s God of the gaps reasoning! We just have to give science more time to figure everything out. After all, we get all our knowledge from science. It’s at least the most reliable form of knowledge. So just be patient.

Actually, despite appearances, none of that is true. Science is wonderful and it has made our lives better in many ways. But there are limits to what it can do that may not be obvious in our culture. Join Frank as he reveals 9 Things That Science Will Never Explain. No matter how much science advances or how long we wait, science will never be able to explain these 9 things. In fact, you can’t do science without these 9 things!" from the website:


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