A Contrarian View on Ukraine/Russia - Samo Burja

Video from Rebel Wisdom

"How will Russia's invasion of Ukraine shape the world for decades to come? Samo Burja is a geopolitical expert who has developed a reputation for bucking the conventional wisdom. In this conversation he makes his predictions for the future, explaining how he believes we are misunderstanding Russia, how China is playing an economic long game, and the lessons from history in understanding what will happen next.

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As Christians we are not of this world but passing through.

Our vision is eternal but our lives are lived out each and every moment of everyday.

Our God watches us, knows our thoughts and our hearts, he knows every sinful thought.

Our spiritual formation takes place in the life span he has allowed us, whether that be a few moments or 90 years.

Part of our higher calling which takes place through The Person of the Holy Spirit and Christ is the ability to reason and objectively listen all points of view, other knowledge even if false. We must cats everything against God's Holy Word and not the secular and materialistic and often evil thoughts of this fallen world.

This video offers some excellent commentary on the situation in the Ukraine. - Andy


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