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A Female-to-Male Transgender Shouts a Warning About Transitioning Children

Video from Ask Dr. Brown

"In this shocking and eye-opening interview, Dr. Brown speaks with Kellie (“Scott”) Newgent." from video interview

God's mercy is found in all of life's circumstances and in all of our sins and mistakes. Listen to the interview and read the article below.

"...This is my transition story. I don't believe Jesus Christ was the son of God, but that doesn't make me a version of their evil. I don't think children should be anywhere near surgery or hormones; I don't care how transgender they believe they are. I believe the LGBT community has back-handed the entire world into being scared of anyone with opposing views to speak up. But, I understand the cause, the pain, and the generation after generation of misery that gays and lesbians have been put through..." from the article: Scott/Kellie's transition story


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