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Abraham Joshua Heschel on the Mystery of Time

Updated: Sep 11

Video from Elizabeth Freire

Abraham Joshua Heschel on the Mystery of Time

(excerpts of a 1967 lecture) “The ultimate truth is not to be found in space, but in time God is closer to time than to space One important beginning for religious reflexion is to ponder the meaning of time. (…) What is time? (…) Time is continuous creation Time is God’s presence in the world of space Time is holy The present moment is the presence of God (…) Every moment is a great opportunity for sanctification, for goodness, for service (…) God is present in time If you want to search for God, don’t necessarily go to the peak of a mountain or to the depths of a forest Just ponder the moment and the mystery of time (…) Every moment is holy, therefore it calls upon us to respond to it the way it really is So marvellous to be alive, to such a joy to be a contemporary of God, but very of us pay attention to it That’s the meaning of existence, to be aware of being contemporary of God Every moment is an opportunity, an endless opportunity, to do the good, to accomplish and to be creative (…) The true image of man is to be understood in time A human being is not a piece of body in space, he is time Time is a great mystery and the dignity of man is in his being time Man lives in space, but he is time”


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