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America's Strength & And Exceptionalism is In Our Diversity - Celebrating Native Americans

Video from Great Big Story

"From cuisine to code talkers, from art to eagle feathers, this reel celebrates Native American history and culture on Turtle Island, now widely known as the United States." from video introduction.

America's strength has always been in our diversity. People from all around the world come here. God in turn created diversity in humans because with each persons unique soul/personality combined with culture comes gifts and talents unique to them. In community this praises God and helps others.

Unfortunately right now we live in a time of national apostasy. Our population and culture has become polarized and immigration has been vilified and greatly reduced.

Our Native American brothers and sisters have been marginalized by a bias system.

We as fellow humans and Christians should honor them, help them, pray for them.

Watch these videos that celebrate these wonderful people. - Andy

Mapping Cherokee Nation Trails in the Appalachians

Video from Great Big Story

"The southern Appalachians were full of trails that connected the towns of the Cherokee Nation three hundred years ago. They were well-traveled routes until white settlers took the land that belonged to Native Americans. It seemed these historic footpaths would be lost forever. Then Lamar Marshall stepped up. A former land surveyor, this North Carolina man has spent the last 12 years mapping over 1,000 miles of Cherokee trails, preserving Native American history for future generations. And he is still at it. We went into the mountains with Marshall along with Kathi Littlejohn and Leroy Littlejohn, both Cherokee Tribal Elders, to walk in the footsteps of Native American travelers." from video introduction.

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