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American Anarcho-Tyranny: The Suicide of the Rule of Law

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

Law or Lawlessness

None of what we see happening or developing in America is a surprise to God. A Godless culture, a God-less nation will die, will rot from the inside. This is born out in the History of Mankind. The evil attempts to substitute utopias for God, through Marxism and Communism always self-destructs.

The suicide of the rule of law — a sine qua non of our American experiment. This suicide is taking place right now in front of us. Hateful, vindictive, racist, violent beliefs and attitudes have now invaded our homes and culture. As we watch on TV for entertainment murders, rapes, anarchy, and done so for years we ponder why people can so easily do what the do. Much evil has been normalized over time, and although we can’t strictly blame entertainment for our decline it no doubt has played a part.

No we have people political sycophants from the republican side calling for the execution and beheading of opponents, even Trump attorneys, and now of course the Qanon Congress woman that advocates death and murder for her opponents and extraordinarily little is said. We now have on our radar the foreboding possibility of institutional collapse. The Senate has now caved to our lawless ex-president. Which means there will be no accountability for Trump after it just surrendered.

Do we have a situation now where Trump can pick up the phone threaten a few Republican Senators and Congressman and influence and derail our Democracy? He has made himself into a strongman not unlike a drug Lord who can control the government for afar. America then at least from a human viewpoint, at least the democracy/republic we assume we are is all but gone. Trump can and he will operate without any guardrails (legal, institutional, moral). We are now at the mercy of Trump’s gut, his whims, his hate, and his tantrums. And what makes it all possible is Americans have surrendered their morality/values in exchange for some perceived good and yes also for some perceived evil.

Let’s be clear also that Biden and the Democrats do not get a free pass. The promotion of abortion and transgender policies at the expense of everything else is evil as well.

In the movie The Chronicles of Riddick the character Aereon (Dame Judith Dench) said this:

“…If we are to survive, a new balance must be found. In normal times, evil would be fought by good. But in times like these, well, it should be fought by another kind of evil.”

The evil of Trump against the evil of the democrats or Biden is not how God’s economy works in history and our lives. Could God juxtapose and command such a thing? Of course but that is not our call. This is where we find ourselves, mostly by functional Atheists waving the Christ flag, and part time Christians who have decided to worship Trump while claiming Christ. Many high profile Christians/evangelicals like Franklin Graham and Eric Metaxas to name a few have become Trump apologists and cheerleaders.

We have “The normalization of lawlessness’ now in America. This has been the case in many countries around the world for a long time. The exceptionalism of America is we have been above this sinful mindset and we have had peaceful transitions of government.

Can I now make a statement on social media or wherever that my neighbor should be killed and that’s normal, that’s ok? This is where we are at.

And then after Trump will we have more intelligent and clever politicians that can and will break, manipulate the law to their own ends with the public cheering them on? The stage has been set.

Again none of this is a surprise to God.

As Christians we need to be involved in our culture in ways that exhibit that we are different form the sinful ways of the world around us. It is hard, we are sinners and can easily be drawn into some crusade for the world that we believe is for Christ. To keep or minds clear, we must stay with the basics of our faith. We must be immersed in the Christian Way of Life. We must daily pray, seek counsel from our Lord, confess our sins to him, repent of those behaviors, read God’s Holy Word. WE need to be in the company of other believers. If we associate with those who worship men and conspiracies and lies, we have become like the world.

Do not become part of the “normalization of lawlessness”. Be faithful to your Lord in all circumstances. If we do, we become part of his willful solutions to the plight of our nation.

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