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American Idolatry: Has America Already Fallen?

Statue of donald trump
Gold Statue Of Donald Trump

"Of two evils choose neither." Charles Spurgeon

Some say they don't worship Trump, Qanon or the Republican party yet their behavior says otherwise. What do you think? Has America already basically fallen and given in to evil and depravity under the guise of saving the nation? The Democratic party is not a viable alternative. To whom then shall we go? - Andy

Welcome to Banana Republic America

America has already fallen.

What evidence do we have?

Over 100 million people have what can only be called a mass gullibility or psychosis in fact a foolish wish to believe lies to achieve a common goal.

They have chosen to believe Donald Trump/Republican Party no matter how dishonest and foolish their claims.

The Republicans are functional authoritarians. Everything they do or say is used to deceive and manipulate.

We are no longer a beacon on a hill.

If we partake in what-aboutism the Democrats are also contributing to our nations decline and fall. They don't get a free pass and neither do the Republicans, and neither do all of us!

It is obvious to me that it is not only the Democrats who are destroying our nation but they are doing it with the help of the Republicans.

Trump and the Republican party strategy is to insert lies into conventional moral arguments. This approach deludes listeners into thinking they’re doing the right thing when they’re actually doing the wrong thing.

Systemic Dishonesty and Our Sin Nature

We have as a nation chosen two evils in the Democrats and the Republicans.

The many millions that have agreed to believe whatever the Republican Party, Trump says don’t think they’re betraying democracy, in fact they think they’re saving it. If we believe the surveys three-quarters of Republicans continue to believe that Biden “did not legitimately win the election.” Why, they cite whatever Trump says as truth.

Trump is not a righteous man and neither is Biden.

But the sinful predilection to lie and to seek revenge is now more widespread than Covid-19. Congressman, Senators and the list goes on and on have stooped low into the worst of human behavior. Laura Boebert, Marjorie Taylor Green, to name a few preach the virtues of character assassination and revenge politics.

God has Been Replaced

We the citizens of America have chosen to ignore and blaspheme God. Christians by and large don't have a intimate relationship with our Lord. They cant talk to you about scripture but they can talk all day about politics and opinions.

Just make a gold statue of your favorite politician and they will come!

If We Forget God He Will Forget Us

Deuteronomy 4:23

So watch yourselves, that you do not forget the covenant of the Lord your God which He made with you, and make for yourselves a graven image in the form of anything against which the Lord your God has commanded you.

And the Gold Statue?

"..According to Politico, the 200-pound and more than six-feet-tall piece was made by artist Tommy Zegan, who said he became a fan of Trump during his presidency. Gleaming in gold chrome, the interpretation of our 45th president is donning flip flops, American flag board shorts, and a blazer.

It’s the epitome of all things Florida and all things Trump in one cringey piece of construction.

And the very best part? It was made in Mexico, where Zegan currently lives on a permanent resident visa, according to Politico..." from the article: Here's what we know about this crazy golden Trump statue at CPAC


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