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An Apologetic for the Fourth of July - Doug Wilson

Updated: Apr 5

Video from Blog & Mablog

An Apologetic for the Fourth of July - Doug Wilson

"In this episode of Blog & Mablog, Pastor Doug Wilson makes a case, an apologetic, for celebrating American Independence on the fourth of July." from the video introduction.

Is it ok for Christians to celebrate the rebellion behind the 4th of July? Doug Wilson gives us some history pointing out:

"John Adams said that our constitution presupposes a moral and religious people and that is wholly unfit for any other. This is part of why is so truly moral and religious people would understand basic civics they would know what their duties and responsibilities were citizens under God....for many Christians today the height of their involvement is voting for the same liar every couple of years because we prefer the liar we know to the liar we don't know. We have to do better than that.."

This is an accurate understanding of our political point of view as Christians today. We choose the liar Trump over the liar Biden or vice versa or some other new liar waiting in the wings. We as a Christian body seem to have lost all sense of virtue, values, and morality.

Books recommended by Doug Wilson to brush up on civics (please pass them on to your local State Representative/Senator they need them!):


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