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....And God Whispers - Dr. David Jeremiah

"And just like that, a world that seemed quite familiar is now unrecognizable, and God whispers, "I have not changed".

You lament over the life you loved that is now a vague memory. Time seems to be moving faster than you can manage, and you've gone from simply living to merely surviving. And what was once certain is now, well, uncertain, and God whispers, "Trust in me".

You face a world that appears to be falling apart. Foundations have splintered, institutions fractured, nations battered, people polarized, and God whispers, "Fear not".

You mourn that what you once held in your hands is now out of reach, that the what-ifs have become the why-mes, that, "I never thought I'd see the day", has already come and gone. That one day might never arrive and that which lies ahead seems determined to leave you behind, and God whispers, "I am with you always".

You navigate the ups and downs of a life filled with hard work, tough decisions, stressful situations, and circumstances that seem out of your control. You spend day and night managing the highs and lows of a marriage, a family, your health, and your job, and alarmed to discover that you've lost yourself along the way, and God whispers, "Let me be your strength".

And though trouble assembles all around you, and your enemies prevail against you, you attempt to stay centered, and confident, and convinced that, even in the midst of uncertainty, God has a plan and a purpose for your life, and God whispers, "I love you".

And just like that the world seems a bit more familiar, and God whispers, "Carry on".." from the article: Living With Confidence in a Chaotic World

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