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Apostle Paul: Letter to the Colossians - Biblical Study w/ Professor N.T. Wright

Updated: Mar 6

Video from N.T. Wright Online

"In this course Professor N.T. Wright guides you through this small but powerful letter, providing insights into its translation as well as the 1st Century Greco-Roman world in which the Apostle lived and wrote. You’ll walk away from this course on the Book of Colossians with the ability to apply Paul’s timeless wisdom to your own life, allowing you to experience what it means to live in the glorious light of Christ. Who should take this course? • Students who are eager to understand one of the most powerful, yet relatively small, letters of the Apostle Paul. • Students who desire to understand the nature of who Jesus Christ is as described by the Apostle Paul What’s included? • Online lecture by N.T. Wright • Interactive quizzes • Discussions with others on the same path • Communication with Prof. Seemuth • Textbook readings" from video introduction.

Explore the glorious truth found in Paul’s Letter to the Colossians, and how to apply its wisdom to your everyday life. TAKE THE COURSE: Continue to learn with N. T. Wright, learn more about the Letter to the Colossians course.


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