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Appreciating the Spectrum of Christianity - Brian Zahnd

Video from Love Unrelenting

"Pastor Brian Zahnd talks about how he learns from and appreciates the various strands of Christianity." from video introduction

"Brian Zahnd is the founder and lead pastor of Word of Life Church, a non-denominational Christian congregation in Saint Joseph, Missouri. Brian and his wife, Peri, founded the church in 1981. Brian is also the author of several books, including, Sinners in the Hands of a Loving God, Water to Wine, A Farewell To Mars, Beauty Will Save the World, and Unconditional?: The Call of Jesus to Radical Forgiveness." from his website:

Do you learn from all of Christianity?

Are you a Christian that is a lifelong learner? Can you be open minded enough to learn from other denominations?

There is much to be learned about people and the world around us. We must be willing to objectively listen and discern what others say or display!


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