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Are We Living in A Democratic Emergency? Who Can Fix This?

Sign Christ above all
Christ Above All

The opinions are many so here is another one: ONLY CHRIST CAN SAVE US!

Even Trump said recently America needs a savior and he is not it!

Lets say we have Trump 2.0 in 2024. Are we really foolish and gullible enough to believe he and his adherents can turn our national decline and sins around while we the people continue in our sinful and idolatrous ways! God will not be mocked! - Andy

For your edification three videos and one article excerpt:

"Donald Trump could subvert the next election—and his second coup attempt has already begun, Barton Gellman warns in our latest cover story.

Ahead of the anniversary of the insurrection at the Capitol, Gellman joined Atlantic staff writer Anne Applebaum and executive editor Adrienne LaFrance for a live virtual conversation about the threats to American democracy.

“Once you have a true believer that the election was stolen last time, you have given yourself permission to steal the next one,” Gellman says. The events of January 6, 2021, were evidence of a movement prepared to use violence to get, and maintain, power. But how did it come to this? And what can be done to safeguard democracy? Read the full conversation below, which has been lightly edited for clarity:

Adrienne LaFrance: Bart, you wrote our latest cover story. The cover line is “January 6 Was Practice,” and it’s a remarkable story—a remarkably alarming story. I wanted to hear a little bit about what you went in expecting to find and what surprised you the most along the way over the course of your reporting.

Barton Gellman: I went in looking for more of the story behind January 6, what led up to it and what it led to, sort of situated along a continuum. And what I found was, the story has basically three main strands. One is that January 6 was the culmination, but really only one small part of a long and systematic campaign to overturn the election—that it had a specific role in that, which was to buy time, and that it came fairly close to succeeding in that sense. The second strand is that January 6 is probably the debut of a mass political movement that, for the first time in a hundred years in this country, is prepared to use violence as a tool, that there are tens of millions of Americans right now who are passionate, conspiratorial-minded, and believe that the use of violence is justified to restore Donald Trump to the White House. And the third is that there is an ongoing conspiracy, really an ongoing operation, in which Republican operatives are looking through all the places which were obstacles to Donald Trump’s attempt to overthrow the last election and are going through and uprooting those obstacles. So it is paving the way for another coup attempt in 2024..." from the article: We Are Living Through a Democratic Emergency

Video from Second Thought

"It should be common knowledge that the troubling undercurrent of outright fascism has been becoming more and more mainstream over recent years. With new fascist and Neo-Nazi groups popping up all the time, and with their rhetoric becoming ever more grotesque and anti-human, I think it's important we understand what's going on.' from video introduction.

Video from PBS News Hour

"As President Joe Biden and international leaders discuss the decline of democracy around the world, some political watchers are concerned that the survival of American democracy is also at risk. The Atlantic magazine's cover story, “January 6 Was Just Practice for Trump and His Allies,” argues the threat to the U.S. is coming from within. Staff writer Barton Gellman joins Judy Woodruff with more." from video introduction.

Video from Amanpour & Co.

"Yale philosophy professor Jason Stanley sees January 6, 2021 as part of a history of fascist impulses in American politics. This is the focus of his book "How Fascism Works: The Politics of Us and Them." His latest article in The Guardian is titled “America is now in fascism’s legal phase.” Stanley speaks with Michel Martin about what he calls an “extremely critical moment” for democracy around the world. Originally aired on January 6, 2021." from video introduction.

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