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Overstimulation is Ruining Your Life

Updated: Apr 7

Video from Aperture

Overstimulation is Ruining Your Life

"The year is 1665 and Isaac Newton is looking out his window at an apple tree standing tall in his orchard in Lincolnshire, England. All of a sudden, a ripe and lonely apple falls from the tree and makes its way to the ground. While most people would consider this a mundane event, Newton followed its trajectory with great interest. What young Isaac didn’t know at the time was that this apple would become the most famous piece of fruit in human history, as its natural attraction to the ground would spark a moment of genius, leading him to create the laws of motion that revolutionized modern physics. Newton wasn’t conducting an experiment when he discovered the laws of gravity, he wasn’t overloading his brain with information trying to figure it out, he was simply looking aimlessly outside his window. He was bored. But that was in the 17th Century. Times have changed a lot since then. These days, we hardly ever allow ourselves to just stare out a window or sit in our backyards doing nothing but staring at the sky. We never pause for a moment and just let our minds wander into deep unexplored territories.." from the transcript.

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