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Arnold Schwarzenegger appealed to the Russian people! (2022) News of Ukraine

Video from Odesa Film Studio

"Arnold Schwarzenegger: «I know a lot of people grew up with a Schwarzenegger poster on the wall. He is popular in Russia. I love the Russian people, so I must tell you the truth. Please watch and share. I hope my subscribers from Russia will show it to their friends: – I appeal to the Russians and Russian soldiers. – Last week, 141 UN states voted to recognize Russia as an aggressor country and called for the withdrawal of troops. – The world has turned its back on Russia because of the war in Ukraine. “Entire cities have been destroyed by Russian bombs, even maternity homes and hospitals. - Russian soldiers who are listening to my appeal - you already know the truth, you have seen it with your own eyes. – Help me spread the truth about the catastrophe in Ukraine. - And I want to say to President Putin: you started this war, you are waging it, you can stop it. You can also find it on my new Telegram if it's easier:». Source official YouTube channel Arnold Schwarzenegger: News of Ukraine from the legendary Odesa film studio. Reliable and efficient. We are for peace!' from video introduction.

For those of you who have not watched this video take 10 minutes, it is heartfelt and honest! - Andy

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