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As The Christian Right Is Declining, They Become Hard-Edged, Says Writer

Video from MSNBC

"The New York Times' Michelle Goldberg joins Morning Joe to discuss her new piece 'The Christian Right Is in Decline, and It’s Taking America With It." from video introduction.

Is this true?

Has those who identify as Christian Right become another subculture, another special interest group trying to chisel out a place to fight the good fight?

"Christian nationalism is a political ideology about American identity. It is a set of policy prescriptions for what the nationalists believe the American government should do. It’s not drawn from the Bible. It draws political theory from secular philosophy and their own version of history as well. Andrew Whitehead and Samuel Perry wrote a great book last year about Christian nationalism called Taking America Back for God. They say Christian nationalism is a cultural framework, a collection of myths, traditions, symbols, narratives, and value systems." from the article: Christian Nationalism Is Worse Than You Think

For further reading: Taking America Back for God (link)

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