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Autonomy is a Dead End: Why Seeking Face to Face Relationships Makes Us Human!

Signs of a Toxic Individual

Galatian 6:2

Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.

We live in a culture that has swallowed the poison of toxic individualism. Our individualism is toxic to us, our families and our culture. The enemy has been very successful in fooling us into this frame of mind.

As our culture has declined and Christian influence has all but disappeared we have chosen a life without community and personal face to face connections. In the early to mid 1980's I belonged to the Kiwanis in my community. This organization helped the community in may ways. We gave up our time to raise money and help people in all situations. It was our civic duty to pay back what the community had given us.

Today serving the community is on the decline and so are the many organizations the one time had packed memberships.

For many helping others in not thought of or acted on. We are all on our own it seems.

Our friends are actually distant strangers who really have no interest in us or our lives. We have chosen NO COMMITMENT even as we pretend we are committed.

Our society is breaking down fast.

Few of us have friends that actually know us and our deepest struggles.

Our family structure is broken and scattered as well. There is dysfunction and distance.

We desperately need each other, warts and all, sins and all.

Christ knows how broken each of us are.

Our autonomy is not only a dead end it is a lie.

It is face to face that we know each other, we hear each other and with Christ as our Lord we can minister to each others needs and weaknesses.

Join a church, become a volunteer in your community. Learn to help others without expectation of getting anything in return.

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