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Be Not Dismayed! God Will Ultimately Redeem and Renew His Creation!

"I am the Good Shepherd"

Every moment of everyday we all are living a biblical theology of creation, we must begin by remembering God’s rule and intention in his creation. Our sin nature (today and everyday) brings chaos into God's good creation that ultimately leads to judgment yet our loving God is committed to redeeming his creation.

If we take time to study God's Holy Word through the story of redemption, we see a series of “new creation” events that follow the judgments of the Flood, the Tower of Babel, the Exodus, and the Exile. Repeatedly starting with the commission of Noah, the covenant with Abraham, the Mosaic law, and the promises of the New Covenant, God begins his creative work anew. Except for the new covenant, all of these new creation events are followed by another “fall” from grace. The New Covenant begins a decisive new creation with the person and work of Jesus.

Though it is not yet complete, at the end of the age (we are in the Age of the Church) God himself will return and make all things new and come again to dwell among his people in the New Creation.

Be not dismayed or discouraged but pray and seek Christ's wisdom and discernment. Nothing that plagues you today will have any eternal significance!

Thank You Jesus!

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