Begin To Live A Godly Life and See How Things Will Change For You

Video from Grace for Purpose

We often forget in the distracted hurried lives we live that God is constantly at work in so many things that we cannot conceive of it. All of this turmoil in the world we have now is part of God's outworking of his kingdom and our sanctification. Many things have come to an end and many new things have begun.

You and I can continue to be intoxicated with life, and struggle to handle it under our own strength and judgement yet the reality is we will fail. Our rebellion against God runs deep and as this video points out the Powers and Principalities of this fallen world both human and Satanic will do everything they can to turn you away from Christ.

So now is the time. Pray, confess your sins and repent of your behavior. Read scripture and develop a relationship with Christ.

Tomorrow may not come!

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