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Biblical INERRANCY - Dr. Michael Heiser

Video from Dr. Michael Heiser

"Inerrancy is one of those things that everybody gets to define. And I'm no different, so I'm going to have my own definition here. I think inerrancy relates to the trustworthiness and reliability of the truth propositions being given to the reader. When the biblical writer is writing this down, recording whatever he's recording, I think his entire intent is to be reliable in the things he's recounting. But I will say, it's not going to conform in certain respects to what we would expect a historian today to do. And my own view is that that's unnecessary. It is unnecessary for me to take my modern context of how we do history and impose it on the biblical writer and then judge the results, according to the failure to live up to my standard that I imposed. I think that's wrongheaded. Check this out! Are YOU ready for a paradigm shift in the way you study theology and see the Scriptures? Are YOU prepared to recover the supernatural worldview of the Bible? If you want to have access to the complete lesson, make sure to sign up for the upcoming UNSEEN REALM 101 and 102 Course beginning soon at The Awakening School of Theology & Ministry!" from vidoe introduction.


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