Can You Be A Slave to Christ?

A Slave to Christ

We should be slaves to Christ!

Slavery in human terms is almost always a negative thing. Being a slave is demeaning, brutal and unfair at the very least.

Christ is our “superior” and we are his “inferiors,” as in subjects, followers, and dependents. he is the creator and we are the creature, the created. This relationship with the God who rules over us and cares for us must include every aspect of our lives. We stop paying lip service to God’s will and stop always looking for the exceptions to his rules. As we mature we let go of our self-will and pride. Our life serving God includes daily clarity, conviction, integrity, wise counsel, forgiveness, generosity, patience, and self-giving love. It then follows whatever the specifics of your calling as a husband-wife, parent-child, or employer worker, they will never override your identity and common call as a Slave to Christ.

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