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Children of Israel - Ana Bekoach

Children of Israel - Ana Bekoach

"Teta’s new and exciting children’s choir is the creation of Teta making music team who have combined the vocal talent of some very young boys with the experience and knowledge to produce a special musical performance. The children go through proper musical training and meet up every week to practice their singing and performance.

The musical content is suitable for a variety of events and concerts, Chupa, Bar/Bat Mitzvah and public and state events. The choir has received a wealth of praise and positive feedback which has led to performances on TV and invitations to perform abroad.

The choir is supported by a top sound and production crew who ensure the very best performance and crowd experience together with a variety of wonderful moving repertoire of songs. Children Of Israel will make your event one to remember.

kids agency: Shavit Revivo Kids Manager " from video introduction

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