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Chronicles of the Desert: The Spring of Seraphim (Part 4 of 9)

Updated: Sep 4

Video from Trisagion Films

Chronicles of the Desert: The Spring of Seraphim

"The fourth episode in our “Chronicles of the Desert” series introduces us to Seraphim of Sarov (Серафим Саровский), a modern saint who lived much like the desert fathers of old. He followed the same counsel that Arsenios the Great received from God (flee, be silent, pray always) and lived many years alone deep within a Russian forest. So, what can a person such as this, one who lived almost twenty years in seclusion and prayer, offer back to the world? And moreover, what can he teach each of us about the importance of persistence in keeping our prayer rule. Watch our latest video to find out! We welcome your feedback and hope that you will also share the video with others. ROMANIAN Subtitles graciously provided by Mihai Lita. TURKISH Subtitles graciously provided by Aglaia." from video introduction.


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