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Cinema & The Arts as Sermons: The Master's Mistakes

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

The Master's Mistakes

"Even the painting masters we all admire made occasional mistakes in their artwork, whether unintentional or intentional. In this video, professional artist, Jill Poyerd guides viewers through an evaluation of several masterpieces, explaining what the artists may have been thinking or perhaps overlooking in their work. Music: Dark Cinematic Piano by TheJRSoundDesign Lullaby for Frida by Stockwaves Solo Piano Inspirational by TheJRSoundDesign" from video introduction.

I have currently been blessed with the opportunity to teach art at a local Christian school. One of the points I try to get across to the children is that mistakes are a part of life and art and we must make the best of what we have, Happy mistakes we call them.

Yet in our over structured culture children still try to make near perfect artwork and tend to cast it aside easily with little effort to keep going.

As an artist myself I know that you must make many works of art to get but a few you consider adequate or finished.

So it was it seems with those whom we call "The Masters" that they as well cast aside their perceived mistakes. - Andy

"We are used to see beautiful masterpieces of art and we think those results are easy. We never think of mistakes in art and yet they are so important!

Often, I think, we overlook the fact that even for the same masters, the masterpieces are only few of their paintings and that many more are the forgotten or destroyed work that we don't see.

When you hear an old painter speaking of his first paintings, you can sometimes hear him saying how terrible those work were. The perfect painting is always the next one.

When you see mistakes even in the masters, then you realize that painting and drawing are never easy and the best that you can do is just try your best and get over it. With time, frustration will get perhaps less and maybe one day you will make even a masterpiece!.." from the article: Mistakes in Art, Architecture and the Sciences

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