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Compassion - Eric Bancroft

Video from The Master's University

"Since 1927, The Master's University has had the privilege of training and developing professionals around the world. Through highly qualified faculty, genuine staff, and an unwavering commitment to the Word of God, The Master's University has matured and flourished as a nationally-ranked institution dedicated to educating for eternity. Our graduates are men and women of integrity, character, and professionalism." from You Tube Channel

"Chapel is a vital part of The Master’s University, complementing a student’s academic and spiritual experience, and providing the campus community with a dynamic worship experience. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, students, faculty, and staff gather for a time centered on the expositional preaching of Scripture. Speakers include pastors, missionaries, faculty members, Christian leaders, and students. You can see the live stream here, or on YouTube where you can also browse all previous chapel videos." from The Master's University Website (link)

Eric Bancroft is the pastor of Grace Church in Miami, Florida, a new church planted in 2019. Prior to this he served as the senior pastor at Castleview Church in Indianapolis and associate pastor at Grace Community Church in Los Angeles. Eric’s passions include dating his wife of 24 years, raising his sons (20, 18, 17), preaching and discipling, and helping serve other pastors. His hobbies include CrossFit and anything outdoors.


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