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Counterpoint - The Ethics of Vaccine Mandates

Video from The News Forum

"Tanya is joined by Professor Douglas Farrow and Dr. Scott Masson to ask the questions no one is asking about vaccine mandates. Watch The News Forum for more news, updates, and in-depth interviews from a Canadian conservative-friendly perspective tonight on Bell, Telus, and Access Communications." from video introduction.

Although this discussion was from September 2021, and concerns Canada it is very pertinent to our discussions today about vaccines etc. - Andy

"Professor Farrow is a Canadian citizen, married with five children. Before coming to McGill in 1998, he taught in the U.K. at King's College London, after completing his doctorate there under Colin Gunton. At McGill, alongside his lecturing and graduate supervision, he has served on the university's Academic Policy Committee, as on numerous Faculty or School committees, and engaged in the work of the Newman Institute. He pursues a broad range of interdisciplinary interests, anchored in theology, with colleagues here and elsewhere in North America or Europe. SS Paul, Irenaeus, Augustine, Anselm, Aquinas, and John Paul II provide much of the inspiration for these labours, which have a dual focus on classical theological loci and modern problems in the Church or in civil and state institutions, including the university." from McGill School of Religious Studies

Dr. Scott Masson

"Dr. Masson has written widely in his areas of research interest in British and European Romanticism, poetics, intellectual history, literary theory, cultural apologetics, education, and hermeneutics.

He is a member of the Upper Mohawk band, and promotes truth and reconciliation as vital aspects of his life calling.

He served for years in urban pastoral ministry in Toronto. He is a regular conference and campus speaker, as well as appearing on television and radio.

He was the founding Board Chairman of Westminster Classical Christian Academy in Toronto, and remains involved in advancing classical education in Canada.

He is a proud husband and father of two." from Tyndale University

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