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Dallas Willard - Three Paths of Christian Progress

Updated: Feb 25

Dallas Willard - Three Paths of Christian Progress

"Dallas Willard identifies the 3 paths to making progress toward a life of holiness this way: 1. The first path is to live in our brokenness without any hope of significant progress. Just give up and call it grace. 2. The second path is to try harder. Muster our strength to obey the Law. Both are disastrous for us individually and for the Church. 3. Dallas calls us to a third way. We can make "progress toward the character and power of Christ by indirection" which leads to a transformed life. This is a segment from a week-long Masters course Dallas taught at Denver Seminary in 2010. He entitled the course "The Human Contribution to Holiness: What is Our Part in Putting Off the Old Person and Putting on the New." Visit our website to see how you can watch the entire Denver Seminary course for free in a 17-part playlist and download the audio if you wish: The segment you are watching now is from session 15. We have added subtitled quotes and new slides." from video introduction.

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