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Dethroning Your Cult of Politics

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Dethroning the Cult of Personality

Let’s be clear from the start. Unless you as an individual as a Christians stop worshipping politics and politicians you will be failing in your witness for Christ. God is a jealous God and for the past few years many Christians have elevated Trump/politics well above their faith. Trump became the new savior, the new Cyrus.

With your help Trump elevated a Big Lie to the point it has inspired insurrection and death. Again no excuses, don’t try to color it and change history, it is what it is, and it is evil.

Politics, Politicians be it Trump or Biden or anyone are not your God!!!!!

Do you have lifelong friends or family members who have become so completely consumed with the latest politics that normal and productive conversations about life and the Lord are impossible? Have they been deluded into unreasonable conspiracy theories, or do they have a cult-like devotion to a political hero? Are they no longer capable of finding joy in the world or their church due to over the top interest in finding fault in virtually every human interaction? The Cult of MAGA/Trump or whatever cult they aspire the result is the same. Their political orientation and beliefs so define their identity that they cannot imagine or see the world any other way!

The Big Lie of a stolen election has fizzled as it should. I am still waiting for someone to put out for all to see this overwhelming evidence that the system was rigged. Obviously by now we can conclude that it was just a lie looking for evidence.

Brainwashed? Deluded? Is this you?

The phony prophets are still revising their phony predictions. The deluded conspiracy theory (lies) followers are doubling down on their delusions and fantasies. It does not matter how long you have studied the Elites, or the Deep State or whatever else God has been at this a lot longer. Many of us need to dethrone our idols, our gods like politics, conspiracies, and any other created thing we worship and repent, turn back to the true God and follow Christ.

There are no excuses, there are no exemptions, no secret knowledge you have.

YOU must dethrone politics, by whatever means possible, do not play with idolatry, you get burned. Your minds and hearts have raised your idol to a level of primacy that competes with the Kingdom of Christ and must be destroyed.

I had someone the other day tell me their mind is starting to clear and they see now that they were fooled by Trump.

Yes, abortion is evil, so are many other things that our government and political parties does.

Pornography is evil, how many of you reading this look at pornography? Why don’t we have a political position on shutting down all pornography?? It abuses women and even the people participating are lost souls. Where is your outrage?

Drugs destroy lives as does sex trafficking, where is your outrage?

We are not a Christian nation. We have been and evil nation for a long time. Those who stormed the Capital waving Jesus flags and saying prayers are typical of how fallen and wicked we are. To blaspheme God the way the did invites discipline from our Father.

You can’ sit at home, be an armchair, prophet or evangelist or preacher and actually participate in the Kingdom of God.

If you want to change the policies you don’t like then do the right thing and get involved. Your Lord did not put you where you are to hide at home, believe in lies instead of his truth and to work toward destruction. The destruction will in the end be yours.

Our faith, our loyalty must be higher than any party, ideology, nationality. We as Christians must engage in politics (out of love for neighbor, not fear of the opposition), but our faith can never become equated totally with any party or political ideology.

Your loyalty is to the Kingdom of God, to Christ and to nothing or no one else!

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