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Discipling in Our World Despite Covid

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Honoring God & Serving Others

Our world and culture has changed perhaps more than we realize. Many changes have been positive and many have not. We have all for the most part been given an opportunity to reset or reevaluate what is important in life. Some have discovered that their ambition and material wealth is not eternal and takes away from life itself. Work is a mission field, a blessing but not an end unto itself. We all must work but our focus is Christ and not his gifts.

Covid has in many ways forced us into isolation and in ways of protecting ourselves that are different and perhaps abnormal.

If we put aside all the controversy we must as Christians ask ourselves to what degree have we submitted to living in a way that discourages discipleship. Remembering all the Christians that worked amidst pestilence and plague in the past and many losing their lives to it we must not shrink back from serving each other even with Covid. To that point many Christians, health care workers, doctors and others have died of covid while serving their fellow man.

Controversy has blinded us to service and community concern.

If we elevate our health and safety above all else we push aside our mission work in being the salt and the light.

So the lesson here is be safe, get vaccinated if you so choose and get back out into your community and help others, feed the poor, cloth the widow and pray for God's wisdom and safety as you do.

Our lives are ultimately in His hands!!!


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