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Do We Interview False Teachers? Why Remnant Radio Interviews Controversial Leaders!

Video from The Remnant Radio

"We are often asked, “why do you interview all these false teachers”. Questions, or rather, accusations like these are often lobbed at us because of the false binary pushed by many heretic hunting ministries. Either you are perfectly orthodox or you are a rank heretic. These binaries are further crystallized when we begin to interview those who are often Identified as NAR leaders. However, we think there is a lot more nuance, shades of gray if you will, between a heretic and a sound teacher. Many in the chat, and on our Facebook posts were calling for a public denouncement of Bill Johnson, Mike Bickle, and Todd White. Though we may disagree with these men on various issues, no one on our team is ready to cry “heretic”. So in this episode of The Remnant Radio, we explain where we stand theologically with guys like Bill Johnson, Mike Bickle, and Todd White. This is not a critique of their ministries, this isn't an attack on what they practice, this video is an attempt at an objective examination of their teachings and practices in order to explain why we think they fall under the banner of “orthodox”. from video introduction.

Are you a ignorant or narrow minded Christian?

Do you seek to understand why people do not believe in Christ or hate Christianity?

As objective lifelong learners we should seek to understand what others think, even if they might be regarded as heretics or atheists. That means you should read books by atheists or heretics.

We cant criticize if we don't understand. - Andy

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