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Joe Rogan on Aliens - Doug Wilson

Updated: Mar 2

Video from Canon Press

Joe Rogan on Aliens - Doug Wilson

"In this episode of Doug Reacts, Pastor Doug Wilson reacts to a video from Joe Rogan talking about aliens. Doug Reacts is an apologetics reaction series presented by Canon Press." from video presentation

In the above video although it is about Joe Rogan and his obsession with UFOS and the pop culture narrative it makes a generalized point.

Joe is not basing his opinion or belief on facts or reality but on popular opinion, the narrative that comes to us by osmosis from culture, movies, TV and each other.

We all do it and give into it.

But now it has been so much easier through the internet and social media. After all who has time to fact check anything??

So what do YOU do? Do you fact check anything or do you instantly believe the "narrative" being pushed by Joe Rogan and others?

I respect Doug Wilson, he is one of my favorite go too for current events and biblical wisdom but even he can be wrong just as you and I are often wrong.

In the following podcast Doug Wilson talks about the illegitimacy of the much discussed presidential election. he believes it was rigged yet he makes no references to actual facts in the video.

In reality we have on the record reports of Gulianini and others stating it was all made up and they ha no facts.

Recently the Chinese press stated that Americans are incompetent and lazy. This I guess is a general statement yet in my humble opinion I believe they are correct. It is a fact you can stop many young people on the street and they cannot tell you what state they are in nor can they answer many other questions correctly. Their ignorance is there for all to see.

What does that matter? Well ignorant people can only survive and never really contribute much to the world around them.

God loves all people regardless but to function in God's Kingdom especially in the most prosperous nation in history with the greatest access to education and information we must seek wisdom and discernment. To do so is part of becoming the most we can be for Christ.

So help those around you to be better educated.

Be a fact checker and not a gullible foolish person. - Andy

Illegitimate Rulers

Video from Canon Press

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