Essence of Life: Exploring Our Shared Humanity

Video from Green Renaissance

"It can be unpredictable and last only a few minutes, or you can see it coming from a distance. The thing about dying is that it’s not something you can negotiate. Whether you’re prepared or not, it’s going to happen, and on its own terms, too. But what helps is making those last days count. They’re still with you. They haven’t gone yet. Make their last days comfortable. Be honest and talk about what’s to come. Nothing has to go unsaid because you have the opportunity to say it. Tell them you love them, and more importantly, show them. Life is so unbelievably precious. Make every day count.

This film features Theunis Cilliers Filmed in Franschhoek, South Africa Theunis would like to thank the following people who have lifted him up onto their shoulders: Carl, Godfried, Wilhelm, Liezl, Rina, Juan, Francois, Hester, John, David and Diana. Also all the others who have helped to carry the baton in this relay of life. And to Oom Jat van de Vyver, whose essence continues to live on." from video introduction.

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