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Evangelicals: From Pulpit To Politics - A Lesson in Losing Our Way

Video from NBC News

There is much at stake in our lives and society today. As Christians we can choose evil men either Democratic politicians or Republican politicians or we can choose Christ. What will we do? How gullible and sinful will we be? -Andy

"On December 20, 1954, some 62 years before Donald Trump would be sworn in as president of the United States, Dorothy Martin and dozens of her followers crowded into her home in Chicago to await the apocalypse. The group believed that Martin, a housewife, had received a message from a planet named Clarion that the world would end in a great flood beginning at midnight, and that they, the faithful, would be rescued by an alien spacecraft.

Unbeknownst to the other “Seekers,” three of their group—Leon Festinger, Henry Riecken, and Stanley Schachter—were not there to be saved, but to observe. Psychologists from elite institutions, they had infiltrated the pseudo-cult to study Festinger’s recently elaborated theory of “cognitive dissonance.” The theory predicted that when people with strongly held beliefs were presented with contrary evidence, rather than change their minds they would seek comfort and “cognitive consonance” by convincing others to support their erroneous views..." from the article:

Millions of Americans are blindly devoted to their Dear Leader. What will it take for them to snap out of it?

"You probably don’t think about politics when you read the words of Jesus. But make no mistake. Jesus was very political. But not the way you may think. He wasn’t like other political leaders of His day or today. He operated much differently and with a drastically contrasting purpose. But Jesus’ politics are clearly evident through his message, miracles, and mission.

Jesus was VERY political.

Politics were at the center of Jesus’ story and His message. Even His miracles often carried political implications. His life was ended in a political execution because he threatened the status quo of the political leaders of the day.

Jesus was political.

But probably not in the way you are thinking. Jesus wasn’t like the politicians in His day or of our day. He always placed other’s interests ahead of his own. He didn’t seek political gain for himself. And He avoided traps that so many other leaders find themselves snared in. Jesus was and is a very different political leader.

Let’s look a little deeper at Jesus’ politics..." from the article: Yes, Jesus Was Political (but not the way you think)

An alternate opinion: "Leftists and their fellow travelers on the right like to talk about the "Cult of Trump." The evidence they present for this theory is nonexistent, as usual. But they're right to the extent that we have had this president's back more than any conservative president or political leader before him.

What's the story behind our fervent support of Donald J. Trump? Answer: Trump is nothing more than an avatar, an embodiment of a large segment of the American people who have been marginalized and abused. That is why he is so "loved" by so many. That’s also why he’s "hated" by so many others.

Notice that the people who love him now didn’t necessarily care for him prior to 2015 and some are still uncomfortable with his lifestyle and personality. On the other side, the people who hate him now were once his biggest supporters; he embodied a successful life to them. He was king of the New York tabloids and had a monster TV show on NBC, hardly conservative bastions..." from the article: The Cult of Trump

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