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Everyday Heroes! From The Knights of Columbus

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

You and I are surrounded by heroes, everyday heroes!

Everyday heroes are humble. They are not serving for their glory but for the people in need and Christ. They serve humbly and quietly not needing the approval of men.

I can think of many everyday heroes that surround me all the time. In our families our Father’s, Mothers, Grandparents, other relatives. In our community they are everywhere. And in this stressful time more heroes are coming to light in Healthcare and Policing, there are so many.

Today what can you do to step outside your comfort zone to help, in your neighborhood, your church or community?

Waiting for everything to be perfect is a waste of time. Do it now and make do with the resources you have. Get out of your comfort zone and do some things you never thought you could do.

God is waiting for you to say yes!

Today I am featuring The Knights of Columbus, a Catholic fraternal benefits organization headquartered in New Haven, Connecticut. “Service and charity are at the heart of the Knights. Founded to meet the needs of immigrants, refugees and families suffering from the death of a breadwinner, the Knights began as a small service organization and has grown into a worldwide financial and charitable organization.” From their website:

Here is an excellent short video they produced about everyday heroes.


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