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"Exploring the Rich History and Legends of Tintagel Castle Cornwall"

The Roman Empire was the age in which our Lord chose to incarnate into humanity.

Roman culture impacted the world and continues to do so. Around the world excavations continue to reveal information and mysteries about that ancient culture.

2,000-Year-Old Treasure Hoard Is Largest Roman Haul Ever | Digging For Britain | Unearthed History

"Exploring the Rich History and Legends of Tintagel Castle Cornwall"

"Witness the unveiling of a 2,000-year-old Roman treasure hoard, the largest ever found, shedding new light on the Roman invasion's impact. Delve into the mysteries of Tintagel in Cornwall, where a remarkable Dark Age palace emerges, challenging historical narratives. Explore Salisbury Plain's trenches, unveiling secrets of World War I's frontline warfare. In South Wales, poignant infant burials unveil ancient care practices amidst high mortality rates. Join this captivating episode to unravel Britain's past through remarkable excavations and compelling narratives.

Welcome to Unearthed History -- the home for all things archaeological! From ancient Roman ruins to buried medieval mysteries, we'll be bringing you award-winning documentaries that explore the remnants of long-lost civilizations." from the video introduction

"Tintagel Castle, castle ruins and archaeological site near Tintagel, Cornwall, England, U.K. The castle, with its dramatic clifftop setting above the rocks and foaming breakers of the north Cornish coast, has long been associated with Arthurian legend.

Artifacts from the time of Roman rule in Britain have been found on the site, but no evidence of a building. A building did stand on the site between about 350 and 850 CE that was once thought to be a Celtic Christian monastery but is now thought to be more likely associated with Dumnonian royalty and rich international trade. Today’s ruined keep was built in the 13th century by Richard, Earl of Cornwall, a younger brother of King Henry III. It is on the site of a stronghold of previous earls going back to the 1140s..." from the article: Tintagel Castle

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