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Francis Chan on "Until Unity"

Updated: Apr 27

Video from Crazy Love

Francis Chan on "Until Unity"

It’s clear from Scripture that God desires unity for His Church. Unity is what Jesus prays for, what He commands, and what He says will be the chief argument for unbelieving people coming to know God. But if unity is that important to the heart of God, and that critical to the mission of the church, then why isn’t it something the Church fiercely fights for and passionately pursues? In his newest book Until Unity, Francis Chan calls for believers everywhere to align their hearts with God in His desire to see the church as unified as He is unified in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We have done a poor job at this, but it can change. Those who are believers will hear the call and be eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit. This will be messy and painful, but we cannot allow this to discourage us from giving everything we have to the pursuit of a unified, restored Bride. Visit​ for more information and to pre-order the book today.

Francis Chan speaks to the divisions within the church in America today. We are a mess and many, not all Christians seem to have lost any concern for what is Godly in life. The culture has overwhelmed American Christianity and we are no longer a witness for Christ.

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