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Genesis 1-11 Overview - BibleProject

Updated: Apr 13

Video from The Bible Project

Genesis 1-11 Overview

"Genesis 1-3: Creation, the Garden of Eden, and Humanity’s Rebellion

The book of Genesis begins with God taking disorder and dark­ness and creating out of it order, beauty, and goodness. He creates a world where life can flourish, as well as creatures to inhabit that world. God makes humans, or adam in Hebrew, in "his image," a concept that has to do with their role in God’s world. They are made to be reflections of God’s character out in the world, and they are appointed representatives to rule God’s good world on his behalf. They are to harness this world’s potential, to care for it, and to make it a place where they can multiply and flourish. God blesses the humans—a key theme in this book—and gives them a garden from which they can begin their task of building the world.." from BibleProject Guide to the Book of Genesis

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