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Get Rid of Smartphones? | Doug Wilson

Video from Canon Press

"In this clip from a Blog & Mablog Q&A, Pastor Doug Wilson answers a question about what godly masculinity looks like for teenage guys. Enjoying this video? Check out, "Ploductivity: A Practical Theology of Work and Wealth" today!" from video introduction.

Social media is where many people look for life. Sadly this is what costs them their lives in ways they cannot understand. For those of us who are not totally immersed in our smartphones/social media we can see that social media, unwisely abused, will cost us all something precious. Within social media we are dealing with all the different things that the heart wants. This is a war for the affections of young people and people of all ages. Yet the digital age holds unprecedented opportunities for discipling. We must discipline ourselves to move away from temptation to the bible and then to Christ.

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