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Gloria Estefan: Singing Through Struggles

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Gloria Estefan: Singing Through Struggles

"Gloria Estefan, known to most as an internationally acclaimed recording artist and performer, opens her heart to share deeply personal stories in this episode of The Thread. We learn about her life as the young daughter of Cuban parents who were in grave danger when Fidel Castro came to power in Cuba. She takes us on a harrowing journey of fleeing to America, her father’s return to Cuba as an American freedom fighter, and the childhood discovery of her extraordinary musical talent that gave her private comfort in dark times – a talent she never intended to turn into a career. How she went on to become the “Queen of Latin Pop” is an inspiring story of strength, perseverance, and the life-sustaining power of love. Gloria Estefan was born Gloria Fajardo on September 1, 1957 in Havana, Cuba. As a toddler Estefan fled Cuba with her family to the United States when Communist dictator Fidel Castro rose to power. In 1975 she met keyboardist Emilio Estefan, who led a band called the Miami Latin Boys. Estefan became the lead singer and the band was renamed the Miami Sound Machine, before going on to score several Top 10 hits in the 1980s and 1990s. She married Emilio Estefan in September of 1978. They have a son and daughter. Estefan is one of the most successful crossover artists in Latin music history. She is a seven-time Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, actress and author of two New York Times best-selling children’s books. She has sold more than 100 million records worldwide and achieved 38 #1 hits across the Billboard charts. In 1997 she founded the Gloria Estefan Foundation, which promotes education, health and cultural development. Both Gloria and Emilio worked on the autobiographical musical about their lives called “On Your Feet!” that debuted on Broadway in 2015. That same year they were both honored for their trailblazing contributions to music and Latin American culture with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Subscribe for access to interviews, series, films, and educational materials that address issues of social justice, history, politics, the arts, and culture by spotlighting relatable human stories of purpose and meaning. Learn about our work and how to support our mission here: For extended versions of these interviews and more, visit:    / @lifestoriesinterviewarchive  . To teach using this episode go to: Follow us on Instagram:   / lifestoriesinterviews   Chapter Markers: 00:00 - Opening 00:44 - Introduction 00:58 - Family Backstory 07:24 - Gloria’s Philosophy 10:36 - Raising Awareness on Sexual Abuse 12:48 - Translating Job 15:50 - Joining Miami Sound Machine 21:15 - Husband Emilio Estefan 25:48 - 1990 Accident and Recovery 29:47 - Favorite Music Gloria Estefan, Singer Interviewed By: David Bender Interview Date: September 8, 2023" from the video introduction

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