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God's Gift of Language - The Welsh Language

Video from JuLingo

"The senior language of men in Britain", according to Tolkien. Welsh is the most widespread language in one of the most scarce language families. A language with Celtic heart, soul, and structure and a minority language that has reversed its decline." from video introduction

"She's Pretty Cool" - Morfydd Clark On Her Character Galadriel In 'The Rings of Power' (She Speaks Welsh)

"Stephen can barely contain his excitement as he introduces Morfydd Clark for her first Late Show appearance, in support of her role in the upcoming series, 'The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power,' which premieres September 2nd on Prime Video." from video introduction

What is Wales Famous For? [18 Things Wales is Known For]

Video from Wales Guidebook

"If you're looking to find out what Wales is famous for, this video is for you. We'll look at the symbols of Wales, famous food, Welsh icons, and other things Wales is known for." from video introduction

5 Myths About The Welsh Language Debunked

"In today's video we're looking at 5 Myths you hear all the time in the UK about the Welsh language. Things like Welsh being difficult to say, how the language has no vowels and the biggest myth of all, that the Welsh language is dying. I look at each of the myths and debunk them with actual facts and figures. look at me I'm turning into Huw Edwards (For those of you overseas, Huw is lead News Presenter on BBC News, Born in Bridgend, Welsh Speaking and all round LEGEND)." from video introduction

The Most Beautiful Welsh Folk Song, 'Lisa Lân'

Video from Ellen Williams

"Lisa Lân | "Fair Lisa" Traditional Welsh folk song accompanied by and arranged by David George Harrington." from video introduction

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