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God's Gift of Music: Guitarist Steuart Smith

We often forget how the muscians in a band contribute to its success. We see this over and over and bands like Electric Light Orchestra and Steely Dan for example have made it into an artform in the way they recruit musicans for their band.

The Eagles has had much success over the years and that was mainly due to the unique combination of muscians that comprised the band. Among those that have given The Eagles staying power is Steuart Smith.

Steuart is not a big promoter of self yet he has been a studio muscian and backup for many of the greatest bands of our time.

His performance on The Eagles son "I Can't Tell You Why" remains one of my personal favorites.

Steuart Smith
Steuart Smith

I Can't Tell You Why - Eagles at Melbourne

Video from arlumbao

"Eagle's farewell concert at Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, Australia. 2004" from video introduction

Steuart Smith Interview

Video from TrueTone

"Steuart Smith is best known for having toured with the Eagles for the last 20 years, and for co-producing their "Long Road Out of Eden" album. His story begins long before in the Washington DC club scene, then expanding to the national scene through a band showcase for Colombia Record's Senior VP of A&R, Rick Chertoff. This led to collaborations with Rodney Crowell and Rosanne Cash on top-selling and award-winning albums, tours and production work with Shawn Colvin, and sessions with everyone from Vince Gill to Joni Mitchell. In our 2-hour interview, we cover his entire career as a session man, producer, touring sideman, and his ongoing role with the Eagles. We also cover his gear through the years, including what he currently uses on the road with the Eagles." from video introduction

The Eagles’ Steuart Smith Keeps his Rockstar Title Private

"When Steuart Smith finds himself out in the public, which is rare because he is intensely private, and someone asks what he does for a living, “I tell them I’m a freelance musician,” he says.

The former Arlington and Falls Church resident is not being misleading because he is indeed one of the country’s most-called-on studio guitarists—known in the entertainment business as a “session” musician. He’s appeared on albums and on stages with countless popular musicians, most of them country, ranging from Dolly Parton and Wynonna Judd to Trisha Yearwood and Rosanne Cash.

But since 2001, Smith, 68, has been a studio and tour guitarist for a band that even the least-aware pop culture observer has heard of and knows its music by heart. Who among us is not familiar with “Life in the Fast Lane,” “Take It Easy,” “Peaceful Easy Feeling,” “Desperado,” “Take It to the Limit,” “Best of My Love,” “Lyin’ Eyes” and “Heartache Tonight”?

No clue? OK, how about “Hotel California”? Everybody now: “On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair … ”from the article: The Eagles’ Steuart Smith Keeps his Rockstar Title Private

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