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God's Gift of Music: The Electric Light Orchestra

Jeff Lynne's ELO - Telephone Line (Live at Wembley Stadium)

Video from ELO

"Music video by Jeff Lynne's ELO performing Telephone Line (Live at Wembley Stadium). (C) 2017 Big Trilby Records, under exclusive license to Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment." from video introduction.

I grew up in the 70's and 80's with bands like ELO!

Jeff Lynn and his Electric Light Orchestra were brilliant then and continue to be today packing stadiums (before covid). The video below had over 80,000 people in attendance. Enjoy! - Andy

ELO's Jeff Lynne is Back!

Video from CBS Sunday Morning

"The co-founder of the 1970s rock band Electric Light Orchestra, which had such hits as "Livin' Thing," "Showdown," "Mr. Blue Sky" and "Evil Woman," has returned, with Jeff Lynne's ELO. David Pogue sits down with Lynne, the singer, songwriter and producer who's also brought his touch to such artists as George Harrison, Tom Petty and Aerosmith." from video introduction.

"Jeff Lynne is a noted English songwriter, singer, instrumentalist and record producer. He developed an early passion for music, leaving school at the age of 15 to form his first band, ‘Rockin' Hellcats’. Thereafter, he moved to the band ‘The Chads’ at the age of 17 and ‘The Nightriders’ (later ‘Idle Race’) at the age of 19. At the age of 21, he released his first album with the ‘Idle Race’, producing another in the following year. But as they failed to succeed commercially he joined the British rock band ‘The Move’, releasing two albums under its moniker. At the age of 23, he co-founded Electric Light Orchestra (ELO), became its main songwriter and producer within a short span and released a number of hit albums under its banner. By the time ELO disbanded in 1986, he had become well-known as songwriter and producer. He has spent his later years producing albums and writing songs for established singers; ‘The Beatles Anthology’ being one of his greatest works of this period. He also revived ELO and released number of albums." from the article: Jeff Lynn Biography

Electric Light Orchestra - Mr. Blue Sky (Official Video)

Video from ELO

Official Music Video for "Mr. Blue Sky" by Electric Light Orchestra

The Starry Life of Mr Blue Sky

"Modesty is a rarity in rock ’n’ roll. But for a hit-writer, producer and rock star, Jeff Lynne displays none of the super-sized ego normally associated with those jobs. It may explain why the 71-year old ELO frontman has worn sunglasses for the best part of 40 years. ‘I suppose it is sort of a “hiding-behind” mechanism,’ Lynne confesses. ‘But I’m not so bad as I used to be. And I actually need glasses now. I can’t be doing without them.’

Lynne is a backroom boy at heart, preferring the solitude of the studio to the red carpet of Hollywood. After half a century of chart success, the bearded Brummie still favours a cup of British tea over the hollow chink of the celebrity champagne flute.

He has the Beverly Hills mansion, the 50 million album sales, the legendary buddies and the suspiciously brown hair but Lynne is defiantly private and self-effacing...The starry life of Mr Blue Sky: He’s sold 50 million albums with ELO, but Jeff Lynne is most proud of his work with The Beatles

Visit Jeff Lynn's website:

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